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Spiderhouse is a team of skilled internet marketers, graphic designers, and coding engineers, with one goal in mind: delivering more than expected. That's a tough task, but we believe you deserve that. We also believe that you have the right to succeed; that you have the right to achieve your goals and dreams and let nothing stand in your way. With Spiderhouse, you have a talented ally helping you overcome any obstacles that may turn up along the way. We aren't your typical web design and marketing company. We stand by what we say, and we'll stand by you.

So, who are we? We're your team.
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Jewels of Wisdom
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Stellar Speller
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Web Development • Marketing • SEO
Web Development • User Flow • Community Management • Database
Game Development • Social Features • Mobile Integration
Game Development • Social Features • Mobile Integration
Web Development • On-Site SEO
Web Development • Marketing • CMS • SEO
Web Development
Game Development • Scalable Vector Graphics • Social Features • Mobile Integration
Game Development • Scalable Vector Graphics • Social Features • Mobile Integration
Web Development
Marshall Motors has been a longtime marketing client of ours and in 2014, they asked us to re-design their website with an extra emphasis on SEO. The site was beautifully designed for their target demographic and built with the latest technology. The new site’s traffic increased 22.3% and with our knowledge and skill of SEO, they can currently be found on the first page of all search engines for all of their major keywords.
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Every project deserves the best, and that’s exactly what we aim for, To accomplish that, we’ve developed a personalized process where everyone, including you, knows exactly where the project is at and how it’s doing.
First, we meet with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for: Your needs, wants and goals for the project. This is the start of the relationship and we want to get to know you as much as we want you to get to know us.
Before we can formulate an effective plan we do as much research about you, your industry and demographics, as possible. We want to learn all we can to ensure the best results.
Once we’ve done our research, we devise a plan of action. Not only does it help focus our aim for the goal of the project, but it allows all team members to know exactly what everyone is working on, when they’re working on it, like a well-oiled machine. We often share this with you so you’re always in the loop.
The creativity and ingenuity starts to percolate and the project comes to life. Starting with design, you’ll get to see sketches, layouts and drafts for approval. Once approved, the project moves down the assembly line until it reaches the final draft stages and we can see it in action.
Before launching we test everything to make sure all functionality is 100% and everything is to your liking. After that, we test it some more. Depending on the project, we’ll bring in objective users to test everything out and give us feedback in order to help ensure the best possible outcome.
After everything else is done, there’s only one last thing left to do: launch. We release the project out into the world for all to see, but the work doesn’t stop there. We keep a close eye on it just to make sure it’s taking off as planned and remove any hiccups possible. This is our project as much as it is yours and we do everything we can to ensure its success.
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The guys at Spiderhouse speak my lingo! I'm all about my website being on the top of web searches, and that's where we're at with Spiderhouse. They built us a gorgeous website that is on top of all the search sites and it's great.  I have pretty much turned my whole marketing over to them at this point, from website to email blasts to marketing and design, because it works. Thank you guys. I'm excited as to what the future has to hold!
Thom Marshall - Marshall Motors
Curtis and Mat at Spiderhouse have become my partner of choice for web, social and mobile. Their firm has empowered me to frame my company's brand identity. What I've enjoyed most about Spiderhouse is the agility with which I can make content updates and modifications to address evolving business needs.
Ross Avner - Point A2B
The guys at Spiderhouse did an incredible job for us building our website. From beginning to end, the project was so smooth and went off without a hitch. What I find most amazing about them is, even though the project is completed, they continue to stay in touch with us to make sure everything is running properly and doing whatever they can to help. These guys are amazing and we couldn't be happier.
David Lipchik - Local Timber
Toonzone Studios is one of the leading independent animation production houses in the world, and when we needed a website to be the front page for our new mobile venture, we reached out to Spiderhouse to give us something professional, fun, and solid. They were incredibly easy to work with and incredibly intuitive. They knew what we wanted from the get go, and no time was wasted in providing the first version. They addressed our notes quickly and efficiently, and we had something we could be proud of within the deadline that was proposed. Spiderhouse is dependent, efficient, creative, and brings a lot of value to the table.
Kevin Yi - Toonzone Sudios
Jewels of Wisdom and Stellar Speller turn summer studying into a game with extremely easy-to-learn, flashcard-style exercises that are experiences resembling Candy Crush Saga and arcade space shooters. Jewels of Wisdom and Stellar Speller, come complete with social-network features and leader boards, which give them the same addicting feel that many computer games and apps have. Your kids can even play them on that iPad or Android tablet that they're already glued to for hours at a time.
- USA Today
My students love the game! They like being about to study, test themselves, and play the game. It's so much higher quality than those on other sites.

The graphics are engaging, the strategy interesting, and in the end they study without feeling like they are studying.

My students' parents also love it. I have received many compliments on this study technique and have seen a vast improvement in my test scores since using Jewels of Wisdom.

I also challenge the class to a contest to see who can score the most points each time we take a test and give bonus points to the top ten scorers - ten points to the top five and five points to places 6-10.

School Teacher on Jewels of Wisdom
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